It all began in 2014 with a small handmade calico doll who lived in a handsome wool felt nest. I had designed and made the dolls and nests to sell at local craft fairs.

“Beautiful as they are, my darling,” chirped my husband “how will you market them?”

“Mmm” thought I “I’ll give them names.”

So, the enchanting dolls were given names such as Spiderwort, Butterfly-pea, Frogbit and Fleabane and they lived in the trees of a very secret place called Mossycup Wood.

It wasn’t long before all manner of goings on were happening in Mossycup Wood and soon I had written pages and pages of these goings on.

“But” I say to myself “I have the tales about the fun-loving tiny Pogglewitt folk but only I have seen them and I can’t draw a thing let alone paint.” Or so I thought…

By this time, it’s 2016. “Enough is enough!” I cry. “I’ll have to learn to draw and have a go at painting.”  And so I did.

Two years later Emma Dunne Ltd is formed and we, myself and my very enthusiastic and encouraging husband, are very proud to be able to offer you our enchanting collection of Mossycup Wood fine bone china, kitchen linen, greetings cards, and the all-important Tales of Mossycup Wood picture books.

Our products are of the highest quality and our fine bone china from the finest Cornish clay sourced by our dedicated Staffordshire potter, where they are made, fired and hand-decorated with our enchanting designs.  All our fine bone china is dishwasher and microwave safe to give you maximum enjoyment day after day.

After all, the tiny Pogglewitt folk of Mossycup Wood make it their mission to have as much fun as they possibly can, with pastimes such as singing to the minnows or catching butterfly dust or cloud watching or doing a jig – just because…..

Join us and the Pogglewitt in Mossycup Wood and have as much fun as you possibly can. You’ll never want to leave.


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