Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri

Tales of Mossycup Wood, Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri will be coming soon!  Look out for it later this summer.

Tales of Mossycup Wood, Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri

Fleabane is the smallest of the smallest Pogglewitt in Mossycup Wood.  He is small enough to stand under the smallest toadstool.  Small enough to nestle in the smallest birds nest.  And small enough to be over looked and forgotten when exciting and important stuff go on in Poggle Hollow.  Really important stuff like, the big annual Sniffing the Snowdrop Event.

But Fleabane has many chums who he visits every day.

This morning Fleabane wakes with the early morning sun and the twittering birds.  Jumping out of his nest he scampers off to meet Jenny Wren, his very busy neighbour. They are both hungry and together they scurry and skitter on the forest floor seeking out tasty morsels for breakfast; spiderlings and moss-hoppers washed down with delicious sweet honeydew.  Yummy yum yum.

Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri is a beautifully illustrated book that captures the imagination and ensures the engagement of the very young.  It is packed full of little details to prompt conversation and discussion between reader and child, and the tale is gentle in nature and full of humour with interesting and playful words.  A reminder of the lighter side of life, it will appeal to both parents and children aged 4 – 7 years old.




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